OUR Approach


Our strategy is to achieve long-term sustainable growth as an international energy services company by adding value to our customers' operations with world-leading, highly differentiated products and services. We strive to be true partners with our global customers, helping them achieve greater success through our innovation and creative solutions to any challenge. The company’s strategy bases on four major pillars:

Build a balanced portfolio

We aim to reduce risk and increase opportunity by building a balanced contract portfolio, spread across markets. This reduces our exposure to market fluctuations, enables us to select the best opportunities whichever market they are in, and allows us to transfer expertise from one market to another.

Maintain high rebid and new win rates

We maintain high win rates through building long-term customer relationships and by meeting - and often exceeding - customer expectations. This, along with our reputation with existing customers, helps us to expand the scope and scale of contracts during their life, retain contracts at rebid, and win new contracts.

Make strategic acquisitions

While we are primarily focused on organic growth, we make acquisitions to acquire new skills which will be important for future growth and to enter new markets where we see strong opportunities.

Develop new models

We respond to emerging opportunities by finding new ways to deliver services. This may mean collaboration between our divisions, bringing together skills and experience which few other companies can replicate. Or it may mean partnering with our customer or the voluntary sector. Our ability to lead change keeps us at the forefront of our markets.

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